Skills Training Offerings

Grades: 1st & up   
Gender: Boys & Girls
Experience Level: Beginner - Advanced

Hoop Lab: Group Membership Training Academy

Join our affiliate membership based training academy which is located in Roslyn, NY. They are offer 4x, 8x and 12x training per month and an assortment of different classes tailored to your child. Check out the to learn more. Fill out the registration form below if you would like to get a free trial for new members now! 

Level Up LI: Solo & Group Training (Hourly Rate)

Level Up LI takes pride in our player development. Teaching the players from the ground up by breaking down the fundamentals and creating good habits at a young age is our primary focus. Our highly qualified coaches continue to help our athletes of all ages and skill levels to reach their full potential. One player’s full potential may be different from another’s so we assess the player’s game and emphasize their strengths and areas where they can improve. We have helped our players make it to the next level by building a strong training foundation.

Utilizing a layered training approach that rapidly discovers your athlete's strengths and limitations, Level Up LI training provides a year-round, progressive skill and IQ learning environment. It will motivate, inspire, and challenge your child to discover new levels of confidence and capability as a teammate and a playmaker. We incorporate elements of individual skill work, partner drills and situational game play to allow athletes to immediately put into practice what they are learning. Throughout the program the athlete will learn advanced and tactical skills in key game-play areas: shooting, ball-handling, footwork, spacing, offensive mindset, attack moves, rebounding and defense. Woven throughout we also create a positive and encouraging training environment.

To get started, complete the registration form below and we will reach out by phone or email to get your child set up with one of our coaches!  Our program charges hourly rates and prices vary as to whether it is a solo or group lesson.

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