Grades/Gender: Boys - 1st-12th Grade, Girls - 3rd-12th Grade
Experience Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Level Up LI holds team tryouts 3x a year prior to the Fall/Winter season in September, prior to the Spring season in March and prior to the Summer season in June. They are for boys and girls ranging from 2nd grade through high school depending on the season. If you are selected for a Fall/Winter team you are guaranteed a spot going into the Spring season. If you are selected for a Spring team, you will have a spot on a Summer team. We breakout our tryouts by grades/ages and gender and players are assigned a numbered tryout jerseys. Our team selections are based on the player’s skill level. Politics never come into play. We have a highly qualified staff that assesses the player’s talent and takes detailed notes throughout the tryouts. The coaches reach a consensus to pick the qualifying players. All players are notified if they have been selected for a team, designated as an alternate or not chosen. Teams are finalized a few weeks following the tryouts. 

We strive for quality and not quantity. Although we have a good number of teams, we will only add teams and players into the program that we feel will make the program competitive. We are looking for hard-working, young adults that will grow with the program and represent themselves with class and dignity on and off the court.

Summer 2024 TRYOUTS

2024 Summer Tryouts 3
2024 Summer Tryouts 1
2024 Summer Tryouts 2

Spring 2024 TRYOUTS

Spring 2024 Tryouts Pic 5
Spring 2024 Tryouts Pic 1
Spring 2024 Tryouts Pic 2
Spring 2024 Tryouts Pic 3
Spring 2024 Tryouts Pic 6
Spring 2024 Tryouts Pic 4


Tryout 24 Molly
Tryout 24 Nikko
Tryout 24 Jumper
Tryout 24 Olivia
Tryout 24 Girls Huddle
Tryout 24 Dribble 2

Summer 2023 TRYOUTS

Summer Tryouts 23
Summer Tryouts 23 Girls
Summer Tryouts 23 Coalmon

Spring 2023 TRYOUTS

Spring Tryout Pic 8
Spring Tryout Pic 6
Spring Tryout Pic 7
Spring 2023 Pic 2
Spring Tryout Pic 3
Spring 2023 Pic 1

Fall/Winter 2022-2023 TRYOUTS

Fall:Winter Tryouts 22:23 #1
Fall:Winter Tryouts 22:23 #2
Fall:Winter Tryouts 22:23 #3
Fall:Winter Tryouts 22:23 #4
Fall:Winter Tryouts 22:23 #5
Fall:Winter Tryouts 22:23 #6

Spring 2022 TRYOUTS

Spring 2022 Tryouts 2
Spring 2022 Tryouts 1
Spring 2022 Tryouts 3
Spring 2022 Tryouts 4
Spring 2022 Tryouts 5
Spring 2022 Tryouts 6


Nikko energy
Tryout floater
Tryout crossover
Tryout jumpshot
Gabe tryout layup
Coaches Team Photo

Spring 2021 TRYOUTS


Spring 2020 TRYOUTS

Spring 2020 Tryouts - 2nd Grade Boys
Spring 2020 Tryouts - John Talking
Spring 2020 Tryouts - Coaches
Spring 2020 Tryouts - Kristin
Spring 2020 Tryouts - High School Move
Spring 2020 Tryouts - Jesse Talking

Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Tryouts

Kylie Layup Tryouts 19.20
Jesse Tryout 19.20
Huddle Tryouts 19.20
Girls Transition Tryouts 19.20
8th Grade Boys Tryouts 19.20
4th Grade Girls 19.20 Tryout